Pet Simulator 99

April 06, 2024

Update 8!


Rebirth 6

Rebirth 6 is ready with lots of rewards!

Charged Eggs - Make eggs lucky for 20x egg cost!

Golden Eggs - Hatch only gold pets for 50x egg cost!

+450% Pet Damage - Pets are 75% stronger, permanently!

Rewards - A bunch of rewards!


New Areas

Head into 24 new areas!

Starting with Alien Mothership and ending with Dominus Vault.

Many new machines, minigames, and rewards are in these areas.


New Pets

Hatch 59 pets from the new areas!

Including our favorites: Cyberpunk Cat, Blimp Dragon, and Forged Hedgehog.

Plus, new HUGES!


New Huge Pets

Huge Party Dragon - Found in the Hype Egg every update!

Huge Electric Cat - Found in Treasure Hideout minigame!

Huge Pixel Shark - Reward in the 2024 Pixel Clan Battle!

Huge Tech Samurai Cat - Found in the Clan Gift!

Huge Sketch Dragon - Found in the Exclusive Sketch Egg!

Huge Sketch Corgi - Found in the Exclusive Sketch Egg!

Huge Lunar Moth - Found in the Global Event Gift!


New Eggs

Introducing 25 new eggs!

Hatch your way through the Alien UFO Egg to the Dominus Frigidus Egg.


New Boss Chest

Find the Boss Chest in the Tech Samurai Area!

Like usual, these are tough to break, but drop a lot of loot!


New Currency

1 Tech Platinum Coin = 1m Tech Gold Bars

1 Tech Platinum Bar = 1m Tech Platinum Coins


New Ranks

Progress to Rank 25 and 26!

Each rank unlocks more egg opens & pet equips.


New Upgrades

Find 2 more player upgrades in the new areas!

Luck and Tap Damage


New Shiny Relics

15 more relics! Get to raising your shiny chances!


New Free Rewards

Throughout the new areas, find areas to claim FREE things!

Free Items - Area 157

Free Enchants - Area 172


New Achievements

3 new achievements, and all are machine related!

Use the Forge, Essence, Empower, and XP Machine


New Vending Machines

Find new and better vending machines!

Enchants V - Area 155

Potions V - Area 165


New Clan Battle

Introducing the 7th Clan Battle - Pixel Clan Battle!

Complete the most clan quests!

The clans with the most points wins!



1st Place:

- Gold clan medal

- Huge Pixel Shark, Pixel Hoverboard, Pixel Booth and Clan Gift

Top 3:

- Silver clan medal

- Pixel Hoverboard and Pixel Booth and Clan Gift

Top 50:

- Bronze clan medal

- Pixel Booth and Clan Gift

*NEW* Top 500:

- Clan Gift

Rewards are given to all members of the clan.

Congrats to the winners of the 6th clan battle!



Rainbow Mini Chest

Open for THE MOST EPIC rewards!

Found as rare random drops and in the Forever Pack.


XP Potions

Very expensive, but worth it to quickly level up!

There are 4 XP Potions: Ultimate, Mastery, Huge, and Titanic

Crafted these with the XP Potion Machine!

XP Potions2.png

Hype Eggs

GET HYPED! Free Hype Eggs for getting on for the update!

Chance for TITANIC Party Cat and HUGE Party Dragon.

1. Login after the update (within 10 minutes)

2. Play for 45 minutes

3. Receive Hype Eggs!

Note: 1 egg is given per your rank


Tier 10 Potions

New Tier 10 Potions! Upgrade 5x Tier 9 Potions to Tier 10!

Coins, Damage, Lucky, and Treasure Hunter

Level 70 of Mastery in Potions is required to equip these.

Also, Diamonds Tier 8 Potion was added.


Tier 9 Enchants

New Tier 9 Enchantments! Upgrade 7x Tier 8 Enchantments to Tier 9!

Coins, Criticals, Diamonds, Lucky Eggs, Strong Pets, Tap Power, and Treasure Hunter

Level 70 of Mastery in Enchantments is required to equip these.


Global Event Gift

Rewarded every 25 levels of the global event!

Chance for the Huge Lunar Moth!


Clan Gift

Special gift for placing in the top 500 of a clan battle!

Chance for Huge Tech Samurai Cat!



Giant Exclusive Egg Event


A giant exclusive egg will spawn in an area.

Help break the egg for a FREE Exclusive Egg!

Get to breaking it as it has a TON of health.

Watch out for these! These events happen randomly throughout the day.


Global Events

Participate in global events for rewards and bragging rights!

Complete quests to unlock rewards.

A Global Event Bag is rewarded every 25 levels.

View your placement on the leaderboard.

These events last a few days before another begins.


Charged & Golden Eggs

Tired of opening so many eggs? Not anymore!

Hatch charged or golden eggs for an increased cost!

- Charged Eggs - Make eggs lucky for 20x egg cost

- Golden Eggs - Hatch only gold pets for 50x egg cost

You can even do both at the same time!

This is located on the main screen where the Auto Hatch button was.


Tsunami Ultimate

A new powerful skill - flood the area with HUGE waves!

Tsunami Ultimate has 4 tiers - level 1, 30, 60, and 99.


New Masteries

Level up even more skills for permanent perks! Introducing 2 new MASTERIES!

Digging Mastery - Gain XP by digging!

Keys Mastery - Gain XP by using & combining keys!



Forge Machine

A machine that lets you forge items into parent items

Charm Stone - Combine multiple charms

TNT Crate - Combine multiple TNT

Large Gift Bag - Combine multiple Small Gift Bags

Located in Area 165.


Empower Enchants

Charge up enchants with essence!

Each charge lasts for 8 hours.

Located in the Enchant Room.


Enchant Essence

Break down enchants for essence!

Essence is used for empowering enchants.

Located in the Enchant Room.


XP Potion Machine

Create XP potions for: Ultimate, Mastery, Huge, and Titanics.

Each XP potion has its own recipe which includes items, potions, and diamonds to craft!

Very expensive, but worth it to quickly level up!

XP Potions.png


Treasure Hideout

Always better than your last area - automatically!

Tons of item and diamond drops.

Chance for HUGE Electric Cat

Reach the break goal for boosted drop rate

Use a Hideout Key to get in for 30 minutes every 6 hours!

Located in Area 159.


Enchant Room

Watch out for the flying books!

Two enchant related machines may be found in this room!

Enchant Essence & Empower Enchants Machine

Located in Area 162.



Forever Pack Refreshed

The Forever Pack has been refreshed!

There are a bunch of new rewards throughout the pack.

Also, the newest Exclusive Egg is now in the pack!


Sketch Exclusive Egg

Check this out brother! Grab your crayons brother! ☝️

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Sketch Cat!

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Sketch Corgi and HUGE Sketch Dragon!

The first 2D pets in the whole game, don’t miss out!


Exclusive Enchant

Lightning Orb - Spawns an orb companion that fires bolts of lightning to nearby breakables!


Exclusive Hoverboards

Nightmare Hoverboard - Did it just blink at me?

Hotdog Hoverboard - GET YOUR HOT DOOOOOOGS!

Helicopter - Fly around on your own personal helicopter!



Fan Art Contest

We held a "Pet Card" contest on Discord!

Congrats to the 26 players who received 3 Exclusive Eggs to their mailbox!

Thank you to the 200+ artists who entered!



- Added booth tax of 1% up to tax of 10m

- Changed auctions to only allow high-end items

- Increased diamond cap to 25b

- Increased diamond spinny wheel cost

- Increased exclusive daycare diamonds by 2.5x

- Increased exclusive daycare slots by 2x

Lots of Changes

Some highlights!

- Increased magic orb enchant damage

- Decrease chance of getting glittering charms from charm stones

- Added cheaper items to area quests merchant

- Changed area quests to be easier

- Changed quest machine to be easier

- Changed exclusive, booth, and auction messages to be prettier

- Fixed pets running back and forth from VIP (9).gif

Catch you next time brother! ☝️ ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team