Pet Simulator 99

February 24, 2024

Tech World - Update 6!

Limited Time

Huge Happy Computer Event

Another HUGE event! Like Happy Rock and Hell Rock.

Your chance to hatch an easy huge!

Chance to hatch in ANY World 2 egg!

Limited to 1,000,000 hatches!



Rebirth 4

Rebirth 4 is ready with TONS of rewards!

Ultimates - Unlock powerful new abilities!

Mastery - Level skills for permanent perks!

Rocketship - Travel to the Tech World on a rocketship!

+300% Pet Damage - Pets are 75% stronger, permanently!

Rewards - A bunch of rewards!


New World

All aboard the rocketship, we’re going to a new world!

An entire NEW WORLD with a new shop, areas, and portals?!

Rebirth 4 and Area 99 required to travel!


New Areas

Head into 25 new TECH AREAS!

Starting with Tech Town and ending with Cyber Base Camp.

Many new machines, minigames, and rewards are in these areas.


New Pets

Hatch 54 pets from the new areas!

Including our favorites: Cyber Agony, Hi-Tech Monkey, and Abyssal Kraken

Plus, 20 new HUGES! Keep reading for more about those.


New Eggs

Introducing 25 new eggs!

Hatch your way through the Circuit Egg to the Flurry Egg.


New Boss Chest

Find the Boss Chest in Cuboid Canyon!

Like usual, these are tough to break, but drop a lot of loot!


New Currency

Get collecting the new currency, Tech Coins!

There’s also the Tech Bar which equals 1 million Tech Coins.

Tech Bar Outline.png

New Ranks

Progress to Rank 19 to 21!

Each rank unlocks more egg opens & pet equips.

Rank 20 unlocks the 5th Enchantment Slot!

And, we added a handful of new rank quests.


New Upgrades

Find 4 more player upgrades in the new areas!

Tap Damage, Luck, Drops, and Diamonds


New Shiny Relics

15 more relics! Get to raising your shiny chances!


New Achievements

Use your Ultimates and break chests in the Raid minigame.

Juicy rewards to claim from completing!


New Free Rewards

Throughout the new areas, find areas to claim FREE things!

Including: Enchants, Potions, Diamonds!

These are buffed in the new world.


New Clan Battle

Introducing the 5th Clan Battle - Raid Battle!

Complete the most rooms in the Raid Minigame!

The clans with the most points by March 15th at 5pm UTC win!

1st Place:

- Gold clan medal

- Huge Mystical Fox

- x10 Exclusive Eggs

- Cosmic Hoverboard

- Galaxy Booth

Top 3:

- Silver clan medal

- x3 Exclusive Egg

- Cosmic Hoverboard

- Galaxy Booth

Top 50:

- Bronze clan medal

- Galaxy Booth

Rewards are given to all members of the clan.

Congrats to the winners of the 3rd & 4th clan battle!



New Active Huge Pets

3 new active HUGE pets have been added.

Huge Elephant, Huge Koi Fish, and Huge Bee

Also, all previous huges have been added back!

Based on a set rarity, the huge pets will show more or less often.


New Huge Machine Egg

It’s been awhile! Remember the Huge Machine? ;)

The Blurred Dominus Huge Machine Egg has been added! (that's a mouthful)

Huge Bat, Willow Wisp, Pastel Elephant, Red Fluffy and Blurred Dominus


Daycare Huge Pet

New rewards for Daycare have been added!

The Huge Meebo in a Spaceship has arrived.



Tier 9 Potions

New Tier 9 Potions! Upgrade 5x Tier 8 Potions to Tier 9!

Coins, Damage, Lucky, and Treasure Hunter

So powerful that level 70 of Mastery in Potions is required to equip these.

Also, Diamonds Tier 8 Potion was added.


Tier 8 Enchants

New Tier 8 Enchantments! Upgrade 7x Tier 7 Enchantments to Tier 8!

Coins, Criticals, Diamonds, Lucky Eggs, Strong Pets, Tap Power, and Treasure Hunter

Level 70 of Mastery in Enchantments is required to equip these.


Fruity Enchant

Fruity Enchant - Increase the power of your fruits by 25%, but they expire twice as fast!

This is dropped randomly as loot!


Mystery Ticket

The hunt continues, may the odds be ever in your favor.


Charm Hammer & Chisel

New tools for removing Charms from pets!

Charm Hammer - Remove and destroy a Charm from your pet, you will NOT get it back

Charm Chisel - Remove and receive a Charm from your pet, you will get it back

These are randomly dropped as loot.




6 ULTIMATES! Powerful skills to DEMOLISH areas!

Tap on breakables to charge the Ultimate to use them.

Each ultimate has level 4 Tiers - level 1, 25, 60, and 99.

Ultimates are tradeable, but levels are per-player and do not trade.

Rebirth 4 is required to use and you are given a FREE Ultimate on rebirth.

Mini Tornado, Black Hole, Pet Surge, Chest Spell, TNT Shower, Ground Pound



Introducing Mastery! Level up individual skills and earn FREE permanent perks!

Currently, there are 5 Mastery skills in the game! The maximum level for each is 99.

Breakables, Economy, Eggs, Enchants, Potions



Place a Sprinkler in an area and breakables respawn 50% faster!

Good news! These may be placed alongside Flags.



Supercomputer Machine

The Supercomputer gives INSTANT access to any World 1 Machine!

It’s by far the most powerful machine. Located in the Tech World Shop.


Quests Machines

Pick a quest card… any card!

Complete the quest given on the card for rewards!

There are 3 machines: Daily Quests, 3-Day Quests, and Weekly Quests

Located in World 1 and World 2.


Item Creator Machine

Create an item of your choosing!

Select the item and a quest is given which rewards the item.

The quest is determined by the item’s value!

You can change your quest for an increasing diamond price.

Located in the Cuboid Canyon.


Tech Chest & Key

The Crystal Chest & Key is sooo World 1.

Welcome to the Tech Chest & Key with the new Huge Cyber Agony!

Located in the Tech World Shop.


Tech Spinny Wheel

Out with the old, in with the new!

The Tech Spinny Wheel can be used with the Tech Spinny Wheel Ticket!

Much better rewards than the regular Spinny Wheel, including a new HUGE Abyssal Axolotl.

Located in the Tech World Shop.


Tech Vending Machines


You’ll want to be a frequent customer at the new Tech Vending Machines!

These drop much better loot than the World 1 versions.

Located in the Data Tree Farm and Cyber Cove.



Minigame Chests

Chests can now be found in different minigames!

The better the chest, the higher rebirth required.

Each chest has the chance to give the Huge Colorful Wisp.

Spawn Obby & Jungle Obby: Rebirth 1

Atlantis & Pyramid Obby: Rebirth 2

Garden & Ice Obby: Rebirth 3

Cart Ride: Rebirth 4


Hoverboard Minigame

Obby but... you’re on a hoverboard.

The obstacle course randomly generates!

Beat the obby to receive rewards.

Located in the Neon Mine.


Raid Minigame

Raids are epic dungeons that you can explore with others.

Work your way to new rooms while breaking chests.

Each room gets progressively harder, and the better the reward.

Everyone works together to get as far as they can!

Starts twice a day at 10am CST and 10pm CST.

Gather at the giant Raid door in the Cyber Base Camp.


Diamond Wheel Minigame

Spin the wheel for your chance to get a Huge Hi-Tech Tiger!

It costs diamonds though, spend wisely!

Located in the Tech Jungle.


Quality of Life

Inventory Categories

WOO! We love some good organization.

Inventory Categories have been added to the inventory if you have over 20 items.

Also, Charms now show in the inventory rather than their own tab.


Celestial Rarity

Celestial Rarity has been added.

Celestial pets, items, lootbags, and more!

Plus, we upgraded some previous items to Celestial.



New Booths

Throne Booth - Sit on your shiny throne and watch over all of the peasants. Har har har (robux)

Comet Booth - Incoming! Take cover! (robux)

Money Booth - Dolla' dolla' bills ya'll (robux)

TNT Booth - BOOM! EXPLOSIVE DEALS! (1m diamonds)

Lucky Block Booth - Feeling lucky? (600k diamonds)

Fruit Booth - Go bananas! (300k diamonds)


New Hoverboards

Rocket - Off to space in a rocketship!

Toilet - Your own personal toilet. Gotta go!

Hologram Hoverboard - Holographic projection!


New Exclusive Items

Super Shiny Hunter Enchant - Increases the odds of hatching shiny pets by +150%!

Boss Chest Mimic Enchant - Destroying a breakable can reveal a Boss Chest!

Black Hole Ultimate - Create a massive black hole that decimates the area!


Double Stars Gamepass

Grants 2x the stars from completing rank quests!

This means you can rank up twice as fast!

GP_DoubleStars (2).png

Super Jelly Exclusive Egg

Mmmm… I want to eat them! Super JELLY pets!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Jelly Dragon!

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Jelly Axolotl and HUGE Jelly Monkey! (3).gif

The Huge & Titanic pets have a chance to come with different items in them!

This means some pets are even more rare than others!

Huge & Titanics: 50% for Lootbag, 20% for Enchant Book,

15% for Crystal Chest, 10% for Present, 5% for Pinata

Titanics ONLY: 1% to spawn with Preston inside of them (Pinata reduced to 4%)

Plus, these pets have a unique bouncing jelly walk & break animation!

Don't miss out on the chance to hatch these limited edition pets!


Secret Rooms Changes

Loot has been buffed overall!

Added in a HUGE Lumi Axolotl, new tier of Potions and Enchants, and the amounts of items.

Removed cheap chams (Bonus and Agility) and low tier items (Potions and Enchants).

Huge Lumi Axolotl.png

Teleport Map Changes

Lots of quality of life changes have been added for teleporting.

- Search for areas by name

- Quick teleport buttons: Home, Area 99 Rocket, and Trading Plaza

- Categories for filtering areas by machines, merchants, minigames, etc.

- Minigame icons now flash different colors when there is an active surge

- The area context icons are now bigger


Trading Booth Changes

We changed how selling items works on Trading Booths for better bulk sales!

You now list the item for a per item amount and the buyer can pick how many they want to buy.

This should make it easier to sell multiples of the same item as you only have to list them once now.

Let us know what you think!

Trading Terminal Changes

Changes to help better track down pets and items you've been looking to buy!

Favoriting Items: Favorite up to 12 items and they appear in a recent item tab for easy and quick access

HOT! Label: Huge and Titanics pets are labeled with a fire emoji if they are trading frequently

Better Search: If an item was bought while searching it, we find it on the same server or ask you if you want to teleport again

Search Notifications: We added notifications for where to find the searched item (ie. auction)

Head over to the Trading Terminal Machine to try it out!

Other Changes

- Improved early game tutorial

- Increased clan member capacity from 50 to 75 members

- Increased diamond gem capacity to 2 billion

- Added 5x more balloons

- Added a partner flame icon when trading

- Added autotap hotkey ‘T’

- Added portals to teleport between World 2 areas, instead of tunnels

- Added search on booths

- Added search on trade history

- Added trading booths to restore items listed

- Added unique stars for Mythical and above rarities

- Buffed balloons & hidden presents

- Changed auto tap to auto turn off while flying

- Changed fishing so clicking doesn't uncast your fishing rod

- Changed item limit on booths from 1k to 2k

- Changed players to partially invisible when they stand near booths

Lots of Bug Fixes

Over 140+ bug fixes! Shoutout to our new developers Lucas & Tony! Here are some highlights!

- Fixed Diamond Party sign not working

- Fixed Lucky Block Event pushing player through the map

- Fixed being able to put UGC items in containers

- Fixed booths randomly restoring items

- Fixed charm slots to hide on UGC

- Fixed eggs appearing twice and locked

- Fixed fallen gifts having unbelievable health

- Fixed flags not contributing towards achievements

- Fixed getting pushed under the world from breakables

- Fixed locking hoverboards

- Fixed logs in Sled Race not resetting you

- Fixed placing flags inside of the chest areas

- Fixed search clearing on index when filtering rainbow, gold, etc.

- Fixed severe lag with search

- Fixed slowness when quickly equipping pets in edit mode

- Fixed when someone sends you a trade and they have trading restricted

That was a lot... did you make it to the end? ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team