Pet Simulator 99

January 20, 2023

Heaven Update!


Rebirth 3

Rebirth 3 is ready with TONS of rewards!

- +225% Pet Damage - Pets are 75% stronger, permanently!

- Slingshot - Shoot flying balloons out of the sky for gifts!

- Locked Rooms - Use Secret Keys to unlock Secret Rooms!

- Index Rewards - Earn rewards for collecting new pets!

- Pet Teams - Create and save teams of your pets!

- Enchant Loadouts - Create and save enchant loadouts!


New Areas

Unlock and enter into 25 new areas from Haunted Forest to Rainbow Road, and lots in-between!


New Pets

Hatch 60 pets from the new areas!

Including our favorites: Cupcake, Angelus, and Vibrant Toucan!


New Eggs

Introducing 25 new eggs! The entire spawn is filled, woo!

Hatch your way through the Eerie Egg to the Rainbow Egg.


New Boss Chest

Another Boss Chest has been added in Heaven Gates!

Like usual, these are tough to break, but drop a lot of loot!


New Currency

1 Sapphire Coin = 1m Emerald Bars

1 Sapphire Bar = 1m Sapphire Coins


New Ranks

Progress to Rank 15 to 18!

Each rank unlocks more egg opens & pet equips.


New Upgrades

Find 6 more player upgrades in the new areas!

Luck, Magnet, Coins, Pet Speed, Pet Damage, and Diamonds


New Shiny Relics

20 more relics! Well enough to boost your shiny chances!


New Achievements

Pop some Balloons, use the Magic Machine, and break Piñatas!

Tough to achieve, but well worth it if you can!


New Free Rewards

Throughout the new areas, find areas to claim FREE things!

Including, Items, Enchants, Potions, Diamonds!

These are buffed compared to the earlier ones.


New Clan Battle

Introducing the 3rd Clan Battle - Pet Collecting!

Collect the most unique pets in your inventory!

The clans with the most points by February 9th at 5pm UTC win!

1st Place:

- Gold clan medal

- Huge Sensei Penguin

- x10 Exclusive Eggs

- Pegasus Hoverboard

- M-10 Booth

Top 3:

- Silver clan medal

- x3 Exclusive Egg

- Pegasus Hoverboard

- M-10 Booth

Top 50:

- Bronze clan medal

- M-10 Booth

Rewards are given to all members of the clan.

Congrats to the winners of the 2nd clan battle!



New Charms

TNT Charm - Pet randomly spawns TNT!

Lightning Charm - Pet randomly lightning strikes nearby breakables!

Criticals Charm - Pet randomly inflicts critical hits!

XP Charm - Pet levels up 30% faster!

Overload Charm - Adds 2 extra charm slots! Can only be used once per pet!


New Enchants

Large Taps Enchant - Increases your tap radius!

Explosive Enchant - Pets have a chance of igniting an explosive!

Magic Orb Enchant - Spawns an orb companion that fires at nearby breakables!


New Items

Huge Potion - Temporarily increases your active huge luck by 300%!

Daycare Slot Voucher - Use this to gain an extra enroll slot! Up to +20 slots!

Mini Chest - Open for EPIC rewards!

Party Box - Starts a random event in your area!

Lucky Block - Starts a Lucky Block Event in your area!

Piñata - Starts a Piñata Event in your area!


New Flags

Shiny Flag - Temporarily makes ALL pets Shiny! Lasts 5 minutes!

Rainbow Flag - Temporarily makes ALL pets Rainbow! Lasts 5 minutes!

Strength Flag - Increase your pet strength by 50%! Lasts 5 minutes!


New Fishing Rods

A complete new set of 5 Fishing Rods were added to the game!

Also, the previous 6 Fishing Rods were visually changed.


New Shovels

A complete new set of 5 Shovels were added to the game!

Also, the previous 6 Shovels were visually changed.


Bundle of Items

Bundle O’ Flags - Open for random flags!

Bundle O’ Toys - Open for random toys!

Bundle O’ Potions - Open for random potions!

Bundle O’ Enchants - Open for random enchants!


Secret Rooms & Key

Secret Rooms require Rebirth 3 and a Secret Door Key!

Once in the room, you may select a special reward and the room locks again.

What secrets do these rooms hold?



Daily Minigame Surge


Every 24 hours (at midnight CST), a random minigame gets a HUGE loot boost.

The Daily Surge displays above the minigame portal and on login.


Lucky Block Minigame

Feeling lucky? Head over to the Lucky Block Minigame!

Break Lucky Blocks to reach the Lucky Block Goal.

Reaching the goal increases chances for rare item drops.

Break some lucky blocks and see if you can get lucky!

Access the minigame in the Toys & Blocks Area!


Advanced Fishing Minigame

More advanced, more fish, more loot!

Good at fishing? There's something new to catch!

Fish out Magic Shards which are used as fuel in the Magic Machine.

Access the minigame in the Cloud Garden Area!

Must have a good Fishing Rod to start fishing here.


Advanced Digsite Minigame

Digging has also advanced!

Can you find them? There are rare Magic Pools in the digsite.

Scoop up the magic liquid with a bucket which is used as fuel in the Magic Machine.

Access the minigame in the Dungeon Area!

Must have a good Shovel to start digging here.



Flying Balloons Event

A bird? A plane? Flying balloons?!

Take aim! Each balloon popped with the new Slingshot item grants lots of goodies!

These can be found randomly around the map!


Pinata Event

Piñatas spawn randomly in every area past 70.

Inside are loads of goodies from items, boosts, and diamonds!

Put on your blindfold and get breaking!


Lucky Block Event

You don’t want to miss Lucky Block Events!

Giant Lucky Block falls from the sky and has tons of health!

When broken, it explodes into more lucky blocks, and then even more!

Break the final lucky blocks and cross your fingers! Lucky blocks drop all kinds of rewards!


Hidden Presents

At all moments, 3 presents are hidden around the world.

These presents move after you find them, so keep a lookout!


Secret Scavenger Hunt

Knock knock… who's there? It’s a secret! Good luck!



Magic Machine

Convert magic fuel into different rewards like Magic Shard, Huge Potions, and Magic Orb Enchants!

The magic fuel, Bucket O’ Magic and Magic Shards, are earned in Advanced Digsite and Advanced Fishing!


Index Rewards

Spend Index Tokens on a bunch of new Index Rewards!

Index Tokens? Each pet you index rewards a Index Token:

Pets = 1 Index Tokens

Huge Pets = 5 Index Tokens

Titanic Pets = 10 Index Tokens

Tokens are given when a new pet enters your inventory.

Rewards are located in the Pet Collection, but locked until Rebirth 3.

(Don’t worry! Upon rebirth you will be given all previous tokens.)


Quality of Life

Storage Boxes

Like to organize? Pets and items can now be put into Storage Boxes.

Storage Boxes have limited slots, but can store anything you want!

Tap on a crate to add and remove items, plus to rename and color the crate.

Storage Boxes are randomly dropped as loot, and available in the Exclusive Shop.


Pet Teams

Rebirth 3 unlocks Pet Teams which allows you to quickly change equipped pets.

Tap on the Pet Teams button at the top of the inventory to manage your teams.


Enchant Loadouts

Rebirth 3 also unlocks Enchant Loadouts which allows you to quickly change equipped enchants.

Tap on the Enchant Loadouts button at the top of the enchants inventory to manage your loadouts.


Inventory Pages

No more inventory lag as we now have pages!

Each page shows a few hundred items and pets depending on the device.

Scroll to the bottom of any inventory to change the page.



New Exclusive Egg

😂 LOL! Check out the new Exclusive Emoji Egg!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Corgi 😝

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Cat 😴and HUGE Monkey 🐵

These pets have moving faces in-game and unique idle animations.

The most expressive pets yet, don’t miss out!

Super Drops Gamepass

Random drops from breakables are even better!

RandomDrops_GP (4).png

Daycare Gamepass Buff

The previous Daycare Slots Gamepass has been buffed to unlock +25 slots instead of +10 slots.

This with the Daycare Slot Vouchers means you can get a total of 55 Daycare slots now!

GP_Daycare (2).png


Flag Stacking

FINALLY! More than one of the same flag can be placed in an area!

Up to x24 flags can be stacked in one area which increases the expiration time.

To place a lot faster, right click flags in the inventory to place multiple.


Clan Search

Lightning fast search for all the clans in the world in the Clan menu!


Huge Party

The party doesn’t stop! A 3x huge chance still happens every weekend on Saturday!

Participate by going to Spawn and hatching the best egg!

Fishing Changes

The fishing mechanics have been completely changed.

It is now way more simple! Cast your rod, wait for it to bob, and tap to pull in the loot.

This should be more relaxing and idle friendly.

Anti-Scam Changes

- Players are now translucent near booths on the Trading Plaza

- Newly listed items have a 3, 2, 1.. countdown before you can buy on booths

- Lots of filters were added to chat to prevent fake "global" messages

- Added more warnings when mailing items to non-friends


- Changed diamond breakables quest to be 3x easier

- Changed Huge Poseidon Corgi and Huge Fossil Dragon hatch chances to be easier

- Changed the egg area at spawn to fit all 112 eggs

Bug Fixes

- Fixed vending machines showing wrong rarity colors

- Fixed update logs not automatically opening after logging in

- Fixed information on mailbox hover overlays

- Fixed charm slots showing on UGC pets

- Fixed personal comets saying that they were a chest

UnicornKitty (4).gif

See you next update! ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team