Pet Simulator 99!

December 30, 2023

New Year's Event!


New Areas

Get ready to enter into 7 new areas!

Firefly Cold Forest, Golden Road, No Path Forest

Ancient Ruins, Runic Altar, Wizard Tower, and Witch Marsh


New Pets

A total of 22 new pets have been added.

Including our favorites: Tabby Cat, Owl, and Imp


New Eggs

Hatch 7 new eggs - Firefly Egg to the Witch Egg.


New Active Huges

Head to your best egg!

5 new active huge pets to hatch!


New Boss Chest

Boss Chests are tough to break, but drop a lot of loot!

Located in No Path Forest!


New Ranks

Progress to Rank 13 and Rank 14!

Each rank unlocks 3 more egg opens & pet equips.


New Upgrades

Find 2 player upgrades in the new areas!

Drops and Tap Damage


New Shiny Relics

5 more relics! Just enough to boost your shiny chances!


Superior Rarity

Superior Rarity has been added.

Superior pets, items, lootbags, and more!

Plus, we upgraded some previous items to Superior.


Tier 7 Enchants

New Tier 7 Enchantments! Upgrade 7x Tier 6 Enchantments to Tier 7!

Coins, Criticals, Diamonds, Lucky Eggs, Strong Pets, Tap Power, and Treasure Hunter


Tier 8 Potions

New Tier 8 Potions! Upgrade 5x Tier 7 Potions to Tier 8!

Coins, Damage, Lucky, and Treasure Hunter


New Year’s Clan Battle

Introducing the second Clan Battle!

Hatch active HUGE pets (from the best egg) to gain points!

The clans with the most points by January 19th at 5pm UTC win!

1st Place:

- Gold clan medal

- Huge Owl

- x10 Exclusive Eggs

- Blobfish Hoverboard

- Cupcake Booth

Top 3:

- Silver clan medal

- x3 Exclusive Egg

- Blobfish Hoverboard

- Cupcake Booth

Top 50:

- Bronze clan medal

- Cupcake Booth

Rewards are given to all members of the clan.

Congrats to the winners of the first clan battle!


Dealer Merchant

Merchant that buys items from you for diamonds!

You may only sell so many items until they no longer want to buy them (until it refreshes).

The more you sell, the higher the respect level, and the better deals.

Located in the Runic Altar area!


Trading Terminal

Track down pets and items you've been looking to buy!

To get started, head over to the Trading Terminal Machine.

Press a category and item to teleport to a Trading Plaza where it is listed.

This should make it much easier to find things you’ve been looking for!


New Year’s Party

The New Year's egg is dropping in Pet Simulator 99!

During the drop, everyone online in the plaza will receive a 2024 New Year's Gift!

Keep your eyes peeled because this event will happen only 3 times!

December 31st - 6pm, 8pm, and 11pm CST

Check out the in-game countdown for the next drop!


New Year’s Gift

New Year’s Gifts are given out every time the ball drops!

Open them for items and a HUGE pet chance.

The new HUGE Party Crown Ducky is back!


Firework Launcher

For a limited-time, Preston’s Shop sells a Firework Launcher & Ammo for Diamonds.

Shoot into the sky to set off a firework! Don't point them at your friends though!


New Exclusive Hoverboards

Banana Hoverboard - It's bananas! The Banana Hoverboard!

Noob Hoverboard - ub3rR0xXorzage

UFO Hoverboard - ALIENS ARE REAL! The first sitting hoverboard.


New Exclusive Enchants

Diamond Chest Mimic - Destroying a breakable can reveal a Diamond Mini Chest!

Massive Comet - Chance to spawn a Massive Comet! Drops items, diamonds and coins!

Party Time - Time to party! Random Events happen more often for you!



RAP Overhaul

It is based on all data in the game!

Works for all items, supports stacks, and much more!

Let use know what you think!


Auction Changes

Limited Exotic & Divine items may now be auctioned!

Ornament Changes

Ornaments are still in the game!

However, they may only be placed in the Snowman Town.

Ornaments expire after a while to allow room for more to be placed!

Removed Christmas Event

We hope you had a great holiday season!

The Christmas events, breakables, and exclusive egg are no longer available.

Present items remain in the game, but the Present Upgrade Machine is seasonal.

Looking forward to seeing Santa Paws again next year!

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes! Here are some highlights!

- New reboot & anti-afk teleportation which should keep you in the game better

- Added a message for when clans fail to load

- Fixed bugged scrolling in Achievement screen

- Fixed screen staying blurred if you enter instance with enchant menu open

Regarding Update Schedule

We’ve built an awesome game, and we want to keep it awesome.

Consequently, we will no longer be updating weekly.

There are several reasons for this change. Weekly updates come with sacrifices. Not just personally, but they also don't provide us with enough time to plan and execute awesome updates every single week. This time constraint often leads to last-minute changes, making it challenging to fulfill our vision to the degree we want. Additionally, big features sometimes get pushed back because they require more than one week to implement.

Our New Approach

We’re going to try something different.

Going forward: Updates will not adhere to a fixed schedule. Instead, we will update based on content readiness. Significant updates will be released on the closest Saturday following their compleition. This means weeks between updates.

What to Expect

To give you an idea, this is what we are aiming for in every update:

- 25+ areas

- New rebirth

- Dozens and dozens of pets

- Several new mechanics

- 3+ minigames

- New clan contest

- And more!

Quality Over Quantity

Instead of sprinkling content every week, our goal is to deliver something substantial with each update. Updates should be something you genuinely look forward to. We don’t want to burn you out or, even worse, make you feel like we are wasting your time. This is a long-term commitment for us, and we have many BIG things planned!

Have a great 2024 New Year! ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team