Pet Simulator 99!

December 23, 2023

Christmas Eve Update!


New Areas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Time to enter into 4 new areas:

Ice Sculptures, Snowman Town, Ice Castle, and Polar Express


New Pets

Get iced out with a new pet team!

A total of 15 new pets have been added.

Including our favorites: Hot Cocoa Cat, Ice Snowman, and Snowflake Dominus


New Eggs

Which came first, pets or eggs?

Hatch 4 new eggs - Ice Sculpture Egg to the Teddy Egg.


New Ranks

Progress to Rank 11 and Rank 12!

Each rank unlocks more egg opens & pet equips.


New Upgrade

Find a diamond upgrade in the new area!


New Shiny Relics

5 more relics! Just enough to boost your shiny chances!


Divine Rarity

Level up! Divine Rarity has been added.

Divine pets, items, lootbags, and more!

Plus, we upgraded some previous items to Divine.


Tier 6 Enchants

New Tier 6 Enchantments! Upgrade 7x Tier 5 Enchantments to Tier 6!

Strong Pets, Criticals, Tap Power, Diamonds, Lucky Eggs, Treasure Hunter, Coins


Tier 7 Potions

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Anyways…

New Tier 7 Potions! Upgrade 5x Tier 6 Potions to Tier 7!

Damage, Coins, Lucky, and Treasure Hunter Potion


Christmas Day Gift

Log in on Christmas for a FREE Christmas Day Gift in your mailbox!

Players who are on the naughty list will not receive the gift!


Sleigh Event

Santa Paws has been seen flying over the world!

Every 1 hour he drops presents and a chance for a Huge.

This is another way to get the Huge Jolly Narwhal!

(Starts 2 hours after the update)


More Hidden Presents

25 more presents! Go find ‘em for free goodies!


More Advent Rewards

Checkout the Advent Calendar!

More rewards have been added to day 8 to 14.

Limited time event! Get the rewards before they are gone!


Diamond Party

It’s time to party with diamonds!

During the Diamond Party, tons of diamonds rain down from the sky.

Be quick because the diamonds can be collected by anyone.

The diamond party may be activated on the Trading Plaza.


Diamond Pack Buffs

Ahh yesss! The Exclusive Diamond Packs now grant even more Diamonds!



It’s mail time! The mailbox can be used to send and receive gifts!

Send pets, diamonds, and a message to any player for a small diamond fee.

The player will receive your gift in their mailbox!


OP Potions Vending Machine

Buy OP Potions for Diamonds! Even Tier 7 Potions!

OP Potions Vending Machine is located in the new areas.

Keep in mind it only restocks once a day!


Flying Titanic

Soar the skies with the flying Titanic Silver Dragon!

When you mount the pet, you can fly around the map on it!

It’s so glorious with its majestic flapping wings!


Christmas Exclusive Egg

All I want for Christmas is the new Exclusive Egg!

Featuring the flying TITANIC Silver Dragon!

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Peppermint Angelus and HUGE Holiday Pegasus!

Don’t miss out, get into the festive spirit


Super Holiday Pack

The Super Holiday Pack can be bought from the Exclusive Shop!

Limited time only during the event!



Exclusive Egg Improvements

Exclusive egg opening has been refreshed!

Try it out! Better pet & egg positioning, lighting, and more!

Exclusive Rarity Improvements

Exclusive rarity has also been improved!

Hover an item in-game to see - shiny effect, purple border, and background!

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes! Here are some highlights!

- Increased the pickup range of Shiny Relics

- Changed non-indexed pets to be darkened instead of blacked out

- Changed the Roblox leaderboard to be ordered by Diamonds on the plaza

- Changed the rarity type of diamond potions to match the other potions

- Fixed auto tap not tapping mini chests and other breakables

- Fixed not being able to sell fruit, seeds, and gifts

- Fixed quantity hiding under the stars on pets and items

- Fixed RAP leaderboard tag not showing in chat

- Fixed dial selection on Windows Store Roblox

- Fixed the visual error when you sold something on a trading booth

- Fixed locked rainbow pets not being blacked out on auction pet select


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team