Pet Simulator 99!

June 29, 2024

Angels vs. Demons!

GOOD OR EVIL? The event continues for another week!

Enter the world through the Good vs. Evil door at any spawn!



πŸ™ Event Zones πŸ”₯

To the castle through evil depths and heavenly heights!

Complete quests to unlock all of the new Good vs. Evil zones.

Get through the world while you can! This is the final week of the event.


πŸ₯š New Eggs

Your fate was chosen! Continue hatching through your team’s new eggs.

Get to the end! The final egg has the chance to hatch HUGE pets.

Hatch a HUGE Sage Axolotl or HUGE Devil Agony, depending on your team.


🐾 New Pets

Hatch 13 pets from the new areas!

Like last week, the pets are unique for each team.

The Warrior Wolf is the best for the good side.

And the Devil Dominus is the best for the evil side.


🐱 Limited Huge Pets

New HUGE pets! Found in the final eggs, gifts, and given as rewards!

Huge Sage Axolotl - Earned from the Good vs. Evil World and Good Gifts!

Huge Devil Agony - Earned from the Good vs. Evil World and Evil Gifts!

Huge Good vs. Evil Dragon - Earned from Good vs. Evil Diamond Egg!

Plus, chances to get the 3 HUGES from last week!



πŸ’Ž Diamond Egg

The Diamond Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Good vs. Evil Dragon!

It is expensive to open, but it is an opportunity to get a very limited huge pet!

This egg is available for a limited time and will be removed after 2,500 HUGE hatches!


πŸ›‘οΈ Raid Minigame

Time to truly see if team good or evil is better…

Every 2 hours, participate in a Good vs. Evil Chest Raid!

See how far you can get by breaking chests.

Rewards are given for breaking chests and playing each raid!

Chance for Huge Sage Axolotl and Huge Devil Agony from playing.


πŸ† Raid Leaderboard

Compete in the Good vs. Evil Chest Raid to get a place on the leaderboard!

Each room you get through is one point on the leaderboard.

At the end of next week, the best players will be rewarded with HUGES!

Team good gets the Huge Sage Axolotl, while team evil gets the Huge Devil Agony.

Top 25 - Rainbow Huge, Top 250 - Gold Huge, Top 1,000 - Regular Huge


πŸŽ‰ Good vs. Evil Contest

The competition is still on! The event board has been reset!

This week, each time a team loses they get a 1% point bonus.

Team evil dominated last week... who will win this week?



✨ Angelic Enchant

Strike breakables with angelic justice dealing more damage with every strike! Strikes up to 5 times!

Chance to drop from the Good Gift and Good vs. Evil Gift.


πŸ”₯ Demonic Enchant

Strike breakables with a demonic curse dealing more damage with every strike! Strikes up to 5 times!

Chance to drop from the Evil Gift and Good vs. Evil Gift.



🎁 Diamond Gift Hunter Enchant

Destroying a breakable can drop a Diamond Gift Bag!

These gift bags can be opened for 6,000 to 5,000,000 diamonds.


βš”οΈ Angels vs. Demons Pack

Angels vs. Demons! New limited-time pets & items!

Chance for new pets - Huge Devil Dominus, Huge Warrior Wolf only in this pack!

Plus, the Huge Divinus, Huge Dark Lord, Huge Rich Cat, and Titanic Rich Cat!


New Website

Official Pet Database

Check out our official Pet Simulator 99 pet collection!

Quickly view pet values, exists, and charts. Great for hunting for deals!

Works on any device,



- Added a friends tab to the clans menu that shows your friend’s clans


- Added ability to transfer clan ownership - takes 7 days and cancellable at any time


- Added a quick teleport button that brings you back to the eggs and zone (replaces home button)


- Added numbers back to the index machine itself



Event Fixes

- Added your current place out of 1,000 on the event leaderboards

- Added a losing streak that grants a point buff to the losing team

- Fixed the previously untradeable good and evil starter pets to be tradable

- Fixed autofarm breaking flag benefits in the event world

- Fixed breakables not spawning sometimes in the event world

- Fixed huge XP gain not working in event world

- Fixed not being able to use Black Hole Ultimate in the event world

- Fixed the inventory hotkey β€œF” in the event world

- Fixed pets getting equipped multiple times after a server restart

Other Fixes

- Even more lag improvements for low memory devices

- Fixed a lot of bugs with mobile UI

- Fixed a memory leak with auto tap

- Fixed a visual bug that made it appear like 1 capsule could grow 2 plants

- Fixed auto farm not working after automatic relog

- Fixed key chests not showing the E prompt sometimes (crystal, tech, void, hacker)

- Fixed leaderboards sometimes not working in the plaza

- Fixed not being able to buy more egg slots

Do you like pineapple on your pizza?? πŸ€ͺ ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team