Pet Simulator 99!

June 15, 2024

Virus Update!



Virus Event

Hacker world is being invaded!

Defend against UFOs spawning Virus Chests.

Break the chest and its orbs which protect it!

This unveils the Virus Egg for 10 minutes.

Take the portals in Hacker World to fight the virus!


Virus Egg

The Virus Egg spawns after defeating the Virus Chest!

Spawning with up to 100x increased HUGE chances.

Also, the new best pets are in this egg!

Each chest uncovers the egg for 10 minutes.


New Pets

Hatch 3 new pets from the Virus Egg!

Matrix Monkey, Virus Griffin, and HUGE Virus Griffin


Huge Pets

So many new HUGE pets!

Huge Virus Griffin - Earned from the Virus Egg during a Hacker Virus.

Huge Matrix Monkey - Found in the Virus Pack!

Plus, new HUGE pets in the Active Huge Pets & Huge Machine Egg!


More Pets

Secret Pet

The new secret Rainbow Swirl pet!

Super rare chance of hatching from any egg!

Rebirth 5 is required to hatch secret pets.


Active Huge Pets

More pets have been added to the active huge pets!

Huge Bison - Found occasionally in Active Huge Pets.

Huge Punksky - Found occasionally in Active Huge Pets.

These may be hatched from the best egg and during Huge Party events!


Huge Machine Egg

Introducing a brand new Huge Machine Egg!

This time with a TITANIC! The Titanic Butterfly which flies!

Huge Mantis Shrimp, Huge Mushroom Raccoon, Huge Pixie Fox,

Huge Umbrella Cat, Huge Vibrant Toucan, Titanic Butterfly

Found in the Huge Machine which is in the Supercomputer and spawn castle.



Virus Pack

VIRUS ALERT! New limited-time pets & items!

Chance for the Huge Matrix Monkey and Huge Masked Fox only in this pack!

Including the UFO Ultimate, Hacker Booth, and Hacker Hoverboard!

Plus, the Huge Virus Griffin, Huge Hacker Axolotl, and more!


UFO Ultimate

Call in an invasion of UFOs from outer space to annihilate breakables!

The higher level, the more UFOs that spawn and the stronger they are.


Hacker Booth

Check this out! Sell items like a 1337 HAx0r!



There will be no clan battle break next week!

We will be hopping right into the next clan battle!


- Changed the boosts UI to be compact with an expand and collapse button

- Changed trading so both players have to re-ready if the trade is modified

- Changed huges to hatch from an egg if received through loot drops

- Changed superior chest mastery to be harder

- Changed the index to hide pets if 0 exist

- Changed the stars on exclusive pets and huges to new diamond stars

- Fixed not being able to buy the gate for area 2

- Fixed the best egg loophole (if an area is unlocked with an egg it is now your best)

- Fixed a visual issue where hacker surge and hacker key boost wasn’t displaying

- Fixed falling through hacker world when cannoning to it

- Fixed global event leaderboard display on mobile

- Fixed mastery displaying too big on mobile

- Fixed not being able to tap to buy items on the Nightmare Booth

- Fixed some gates sticking around after purchase

- Fixed some memory issues

- Fixed the index machine huge and titanic category buttons on mobile

- Fixed the rainbow effect on the Titanic Fire Dragon

- Removed the Seashell Machine from the summer event

Next week sides will be chosen! ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team