Pet Simulator 99

June 08, 2024

Hacker World!



Hacker World

Access denied! Hack your way through the new world!

Complete quests to unlock all 5 encrypted zones!

Keep an eye out for the 4 mysterious mini-zones...

Discover upgrades, artifacts, rewards, and secret vending machines.

Find the cannon in the Void Hub!


New Pets

Hatch 11 pets from the new areas!

Including our favorites: Masked Fox, Hacked Skeleton, and Hacker Cat

Plus, new BLAZING exclusive pets!


Huge Pets

Plus, 5 new HUGE pets!

Huge Wicked Empyrean Dragon - Reward in the 2024 Wicked Clan Battle!

Huge Hacker Axolotl - Earned from the Hacker Chest and Hacker Pack!

Huge Masked Fox - Found in the Hacker Pack!

Huge Blazing Bat - Found in the Exclusive Blazing Egg!

Huge Blazing Shark - Found in the Exclusive Blazing Egg!


New Eggs

Hatch your way through 5 new eggs!

Don’t forget about the Hacker Chest with a HUGE pet chance!



Hacker Chest

Crack open the Hacker Chest to reveal L33T loot!

Including a chance to score the HUGE Hacker Axolotl and Hacker Enchant!


Hacker Key

Collect Hacker Keys to open the Hacker Chest!

These drop randomly in all areas, but more in Hacker World! Not tradable!

The key drop chances increase +10% with each friend online (max 30%)!

Also, a chance for a Key Area Surge which increases key drops by 2.5x!


Hacker Enchant

NEW Hacker Key Hunter enchant!

Each hacker key drop provides two or three keys!

Drops randomly from the Hacker Chest!


Hacker Hoverboard

Matrix style! Dodge and weave on this bad boy!

Found in the Hacker Chest and Hacker Pack!



Global Event

Collect Hacker Keys to unlock encrypted rewards!

Each quest you complete grants another valuable reward.

Earn Global Event Bags for every 25 levels achieved!

Collect quickly as this event will terminate in 2 weeks.


Clan Battle

Introducing the Wicked Clan Battle!

Collect the most hacker keys!

The clans with the most keys collected wins!


#1 Place:

- Gold clan medal

- Huge Rainbow Huge Wicked Empyrean Dragon

#2-3 Place:

- Huge Golden Huge Wicked Empyrean Dragon

#4-10 Place:

- Huge Huge Wicked Empyrean Dragon

Top 10:

- Silver clan medal

- Wicked Hoverboard, Wicked Booth, and Clan Gift

Top 50:

- Bronze clan medal

- Wicked Booth and Clan Gift

Top 500:

- Clan Gift

Rewards are given to all members of the clan.



More Clan Levels

We’ve added clan levels 6-8 with even more perks!

Unlocking these levels is tough but worth it!

Clan Level 6:

Mastery XP +10%

Clan Level 7:

Pet Walkspeed +4%

Drop Rate +12%

Extra Diamonds +12%

Clan Level 8:

Pet Walkspeed +5%

Drop Rate +15%

Extra Diamonds +15%

Additionally, maximum officer slots have been increased to 10.

Clan Chat

Now you can easily chat with your clan members!

Type /c to send a message directly to your clan. Enjoy!


Superior Chests Mastery

New mastery with perks to unlock!

Superior Chest Odds

Tier I: +5% chance for Superior Chests to spawn (Level 50)

Tier II: +10% chance for Superior Chests to spawn (Level 60)

Tier III: +15% chance for Superior Chests to spawn (Level 70)

Tier IV: +20% chance for Superior Chests to spawn (Level 85)

Tier V: +50% chance for Superior Chests to spawn (Level 99)

Superior Chest Loot

Tier I: 2x loot from Superior Chests (Level 80)

Tier II: 3x loot from Superior Chests (Level 90)

Tier III: 5x loot from Superior Chests (Level 99)



Hacker Pack

UBER HAX0R L33T PACK!! New limited-time items!

Chance for the Huge Masked Fox only in this pack!

Plus, the Huge Hacker Axolotl, Hacker Hoverboard, and Blazing Egg!

P.S. This pack is cheaper than usual! Max price of 2,400 Robux!


Blazing Exclusive Egg

Scorching hot! It’s the new Blazing Egg!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Blazing Dragon!

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Blazing Bat and HUGE Blazing Shark!

Limited-time! Don’t miss out on your chance to hatch this egg!



- Added a button in the inventory to buy more pet equip slots

- Added random rewards presents to world 2 and 3

- Changed surge to effect 3 minigames now

- Changed the summer huge chances to be less

- Fixed being able to list pets in boxes

Something mysterious is on the horizon... ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team