Pet Simulator 99

December 09, 2023

First Update!


New Areas

It’s time to unlock new areas!

Pass through the Ninja Dojo into 8 new areas:

Samurai Village, Bamboo Forest, Zen Garden, Flower Field,

Fairytale Meadows, Fairytale Castle, Royal Kingdom, and Fairy Castle


New Pets

Get to collecting your newest pet team!

A total of 31 new pets have been added.

Including some of our favorites:

Kitsune Fox, Ancient Dragon, Knight Beagle, and Unicorn Kitten


New Eggs

With pets, come eggs... 11 new eggs!

Hatch your way through the Ninja Egg all the way to the Royal egg.

Did you know, you can hatch huges from the best egg in the game?


New Ranks & Quests

Enjoy new quests as you progress to Rank 9 and Rank 10!

Each rank unlocks more egg opens & pet equips.


New Upgrades

Find 4 player upgrades in the new areas!

Pet Damage, Tap Damage, Pet Speed, and Luck


New Shiny Relics

5 more relics! Just enough to boost your shiny chances. Go find ‘em!


Garden Minigame

Time to grow some plants!

Visit the green house and plant up to 10 seeds at a time.

Plants take time to grow and drop lots of loot when harvested!


There are 4 types of seeds that may be planted:

Coin Seeds, Potion Seeds, Diamond Seeds, Gift Seeds

Collect seeds by breaking anything in the game.


An Insta-Plant Capsule makes a plants instantly grow.

A Watering Can is free and makes plants grow 5x faster for 20 minutes.


Garden Merchant

There's a Garden Merchant which sells Seeds, Insta-Plant Capsule, and the Golden Watering Can.

The Golden Watering Can watering effect lasts 1 hour, instead of 20 minutes.

Located in the Flower Field area.


Fruit Machine

Blend 20 of any fruit into a Rainbow Fruit!

Fruit Machine is located in the Bamboo Forest.


Rare Enchant Machine

Buy Rare Enchants for Diamonds

Rare Enchant Machine is located before the Samurai Village.


Charm Stone Item

Break open a Charm Stone to reveal a Charm!

Charm Stones are dropped in every area, minigames, and Gift Bags!


Huge Party

Before every update the HUGE PARTY starts!

Huge Party increases the chance of hatching a huge.

- 12 hours before grants 3x huge chance

- 3 hours before grants 6x huge chance

- 1 hour before grants 12x huge chance

Participate by going to Spawn and hatching the best egg!


Clan Banners

Hear ye, hear ye! May the best clan shine forth!

The top clan is proudly on display in the Royal Kingdom area.

This changes in real-time! Let’s see who stays on top!


Lore Master

In the Pet Collection, we added information on how to get each Huge & Titanic pet.

This is for all you lore masters out there. Hopefully this makes it easier to collect them!



Auctions are back in the Trading Plaza!

Bid on and sell pets & items to other players with auctions.

Auctions begin with a starting price and a 60 second countdown.

If a bid is placed with 15 seconds left, the timer is set back to 15 seconds.

All EXCLUSIVES - pets, enchants, hoverboards, and booths - may be listed on auctions.


Recent Auction Price (RAP)

Yo, RAP's back, faster than before,

Check those pets, it's time to explore.

Hover Exclusives, see it in a flash,

Trading's a blast, make your fortune last!


RAP Leaderboard

RAP Leaderboards are back which show a player's total RAP value!

This is a way to see a player’s inventory value.


Pro Trading Plaza

Last but not least, the Pro Trading Plaza is back!

This time players need at least 5 HUGE pets or 1 TITANIC pet to enter.


The Ultimate Pack

The ULTIMATE Pack is available if you bought the other packs!


New Merch

Rugs are coming to the Big Games shop!

Each comes with a Huge Hoverboard Cat in-game.

🔔 Get notified at



Power Leaderboard Change


Power Leaderboard is now the top 2,500 pets in your inventory.

This takes into account Rainbow, Gold, and Shiny status

Also, it accounts for Exclusives, Huges, and Titanics (including pet level and pet charms)

Better Teleport Map Icons

No more hieroglyphics, it’s like a picture book now! Soo good.


Balance Tweaks

Lots of buffs were made and almost no nerfs.

These tweaks affected: 11 enchants, 4 charms, a potion, upgrade, and flag

We’ll let you figure out the fine details.

Fishing Changes

Fishing has been overall improved!

Better loot, more diamonds, less expensive rods, and easier to fish.

Optimized Orbs

Orb drops have been redesigned to be way more optimized.

They should perform better in situations where there are a lot of orbs, like when using Auto Farm and TNT.

Bug Fixes

Way too many to list, but here are some highlights!

- Added auto hatch to automatically enable if the server restarts

- Changed the Daycare claim errors to be more clear

- Changed the hover to not say untradable if something is locked

- Changed boost icons to be smaller on mobile to prevent overlap

- Changed exists to show the actual number if it is above 1 million

- Fixed getting pushed out of the area while AFK farming

- Fixed Gold Shovel not equipping

- Fixed auto farm not working in VIP areas

- Fixed auto equip sometimes equipping the wrong pets

- Fixed not being able to scroll to the bottom of interfaces

- Fixed clan invites showing when you were already in one

- Fixed hoverboard not working if you locked it

- Fixed the holes in the bottom of the Digsite

- Fixed some items that said developer item

- Fixed lots of typos and grammar issues

- More bug fixes coming in future updates!

Thank you for an amazing launch week! ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team