Pet Simulator 99

November 19, 2023

Pet Simulator 99 Announcement!

Our newest game has been announced, Pet Simulator 99!

Get your pets ready as it releases December 1st at 11am CST.

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Pet Transfers

We’re moving and so are your pets!

The Pet Box allows pets and eggs to be moved to the new game. To use it, login to Pet Simulator X and walk up to the Pet Box. You may transfer Exclusive pets, huges, titanics, and eggs. There is a limit per category, but each limit refreshes after 7 days. The Pet Box will be available for 6 months.

Pets that are moved are marked as transferred and can still be traded in both games. Keep in mind that the person who transfers the pet first is the one who will receive it on Pet Simulator 99. Eggs move fully to the new game and you will not keep them in your PSX inventory.

Pets transfer nearly identically with the same serials, signatures, and gold/rainbow status. The couple of things that do not get copied are nicknames and enchantments as these work differently in the new game.

You may begin transferring your pets now in Pet Simulator X!


Any questions? Keep reading!

What can I transfer?

Exclusive pets, huges, titanics, and eggs.

Do I lose my pets on PSX?

Nope! Pets are marked in PSX as “transferred”.

Can I still trade pets?

Yes! In both games.

Who gets the transfer?

The person who first did it.

Can I transfer eggs?

Exclusive Eggs will move permanently.

Can I bring eggs back to PSX?

No. Egg transfers are permanent.

Transfer limit?

There is a weekly limit per category.

How long do I have?

This will be disabled after 6 months.

Is there a total transfer limit?

No, but the Pet Box can only hold 250 at a time.

Do serials, signatures, and gold/rainbow/shiny status transfer?


Do enchants and nicknames transfer?

No. it’s a new system.

What about old Exclusives with power?

They convert to companion pets!

Do jelly pets & chroma pets transfer?

Yes, they keep their items & colors!

Why can’t I trade event pets/eggs?

Event pets/eggs are not transferable. Try converting them in the Huge Machine.

Release Date

Get ready! Pet Simulator 99 officially releases December 1st at 11am CST.

We’re super excited to show you the new world we’ve been working on for so long.

We would love for you, and your pets, to join us for the release!

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Thank you for everything! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team