Pet Simulator 2 - Update 4

What's new?

Volcano World!

A brand new Volcano world! No VIP pass required. Find these SUPER SICK pets in the Volcano egg:

- Elephant

- Lava Slime

- Robot

- Griffin

- Cyborg Dog (rare)

- Fire Horse (epic)

- Flamortuus (legendary)

Rainbow Pets!

Have a surplus of golden pets? Take a trip to the Winter world and use the rainbow pets machine! Rainbow pets are 5x stronger than normal pets.


Are you a top player? Now you can prove it. Shows the top players from all around the world!

Level 999!

Level, coins, and diamond cap increased exponentially! :O


We added a sick "upgrade unlocked!" notification when you unlock a new upgrade!

What else?

  • VIP Tickets upgrade is MUCH more generous! <3

  • Pets equipped upgrades had their requirements changed completely! Don't worry - if you had them previously, you won't lose them.

  • Completely re-balanced all the coins in the game. Heavily modeled after Pet Simulator 1!

  • Next area cannons are now yellow!

  • Added a cute VIP-only cosmetic for the hoverboard!

  • Fixed a critical (and very obnoxious) bug causing interface buttons to be interacted with when not visible. Oops - sorry, mobile players!

  • Inventory now shows #/max pets equipped

  • Interface buttons create rows on mobile devices! You're welcome for the extra screen space.

  • Unavailable pets are now greyed out in the golden/rainbow pets machine instead of being invisible

  • Re-organized interface buttons to make more sense

  • Fixed the border on the Desert world

  • Fixed a critical bug causing cannons to eat players (I think)

  • Hoverboards now replicate for players who don't have the upgrade

  • Legendary pets are 2x rarer!

  • Fixed the hoverboard trail stuttering.

  • Fixed screen particles not attaching to the camera

  • Patched a golden pets machine hack letting players use it if they didn't have it unlocked

  • Water no longer casts shadows (potential huge performance gain)

  • Fine tuned some SFX

  • Bug fixes + changes

Thanks for playing!