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January 09, 2020

Pet Simulator 2 - Update 3

The 3rd update is here!



What's new?




Trading has FINALLY arrived to Pet Simulator 2! Fulfill your inner-capitalist desires by using the snowball effect to work your way to RICHES! Trade pets, coins, and diamonds and leverage insane deals! You can also initiate a trade in the chat via. "/trade Username". Very nifty!

(Please note, you must have VIP to initiate trades! If you do NOT have VIP, you can still receive & accept trades.)



New Chests!

2 new chests were added - the Titanic Chest in the Spawn world and the extremely rare Giant Chest which spawns in any world. What's inside? Hm....



Level 150!

The level cap was increased to 150! Good luck.



What else?



Desert world has been open to all players!

Legendary and Unobtainable pets now have a unique pet slot graphic :)

Pets circle around and no longer get stuck inside of coins

New XP equation! This should be mostly unnoticeable. This will help with proper end-game progression =D

Fixed a (sort of) critical bug where pet damage overflowed giving incorrect rewards from lower-tier coins

Fixed group rewards (in most servers)

Added a keybind label on the hoverboard hotkey button

You can no longer jump in cannons while using the golden pets machine

Sped up replication correction to fix weird artifacts

Hoverboard sound no longer cuts off

Patched coin farming exploits >:D



Thanks for playing!



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