Pet Simulator 2

December 06, 2019

What's new?


Winter World!

Experience winter wonderland! An entirely new world, with new pets, opened exclusively to VIP members for the time being.


New Egg!

Includes 6 brand new pets!

- Seal

- Polar Bear

- Penguin

- Arctic Fox

- Mystic Fox (Rare)

- Snowman (Epic)

Found in the Winter World



Golden Pets Machine!

Convert your pets to GOLD! Gold pets have 2x the strength of a normal pet. To use the Golden Pets Machine, you must own the Golden Pets upgrade.


VIP Tickets Upgrade!

Unlocks the ability to find FREE VIP in drops! The amount of VIP time is completely random, ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.



Multi Delete!

Ever wanted to delete multiple pets at one click of a button? Well, now you can!



What else?

Added 8 pets equipped upgrade!

Increased Epic pet drop rates by 10x and Legendary pets by as much as 100x!

Added Ugly Duck pet to the Beach world! (We forgot about him, sorry Ugly Duck)

Drops can now be picked up instantly! This is a massive QOL improvement, especially for mobile players

Only one drop is shown at a time - less cluttered!

Massively buffed the amount of drops per coin

Coins are no longer near-impossible to select for mobile players

Clouds were bottle-necking performance for some people, which is now fixed

Reduced the number of coins in some worlds to cut down on lag

Re-balanced some upgrades and upgrade rarities (you will keep these upgrades if you unlocked them previously!)

Pets no longer do the hokey pokey and shuffle around

Added temporary controller support

Fixed a strange bug that let players walk on the sky (clouds spawned in the ground)

You can no longer delete an equipped pet

Opening lots of eggs no longer slows the game down over time

Changed the Diamond collect sound

Added a VIP purchase sound

Fixed Jungle and Beach world border clipping

Fixed an issue where double/triple drop upgrades would drop an extra EXTRA drop

Super rare drops like VIP and Extra Slots no longer duplicate in drops

Adjusted interface scaling to support mobile properly

Patched an exploit that gave exploiters unlimited VIP (naughty)

Added leave/join messages in the chat

Added a warning about VIP subscription expiration on the VIP page

Added commas to statistics under settings

Changed selected image

Re-balanced coin spawn tables

Added mouse-over input for coins

Fixed typos for some upgrade descriptions

Fixed positioning of some Beach World pets

Added button animations to pets in the inventory

Cannon sound no longer warps out

You can no longer pick up coins when in a cannon (why would you do this?)

Fixed the VIP redeem button flashing when Forever VIP is purchased

Put a silencer on the fountain ambience SFX

Fixed server memory leaks

Fixed random errors and squashed random bugs


Thanks for playing, have a great weekend!