My Restaurant

August 26, 2023

Pool Party Update!


The Pool Party Quest!

Jump in and cool off with the new Pool Party Quest in My Restaurant! 

Complete tasks to win rewards and prizes such as themed decor, gems, event tokens, and the Jetski Item! 

See the lifeguard by the pool to begin the quest!
 Screenshot 2023-08-25 134323.png

Pool Party Tokens!

It wouldn't be a party without prizes! 

Complete quests, attend Pool Parties, and compete in Cook-outs to earn Pool Party tokens

Redeem them through the events rewards page for awesome prizes, including the Party Jetski!


The Pool Party!

No running by the pool! 

Every pool party needs a pool (duh), so we added one!

Log on every 2 hours for your free pool party token and even jump in the pool to search for flamingo floaties and win even more tokens!

Screenshot 2023-08-25 134348.png

The Cook-out Competition!

Do you want cheese on your burger? 

Introducing the Cook-out Competition in My Restaurant! 

Every 2 hours during the Pool Party Event, burger ingredients will fall from the sky! 

Collect them to earn points and top the Cook-out leaderboard! Top 100 players will receive a free Dominus Infernus Crate at the end of the event!

Look out for burgers placed on the grills around the map for extra points!

Screenshot 2023-08-25 134356.png

Jetski and Party Jetski!

vroom vroom... 

Introducing the Jetski and Party Jetski items! 

These items, when placed in your restaurant, allow customers to show up with pool floaties on! 

Customers with pool floaties will pay 10x a normal customer! 

The Jetski is available through the quest and the Party Jetski is available as a Pool Party token reward or through the shop!

Screenshot 2023-08-25 134720.png

Pool Decor Items!

Every good pool party needs festive decorations! 

Liven up your restaurant with the all new Pool Decor items! 

Decor items include the Flamingo Floatie and the Giant Pineapple!

Screenshot 2023-08-25 134538.png
Screenshot 2023-08-25 134450.png


- General bug fixes

- General Optimization

- UI Bug Fixes

- Buy cash and gems side button fix

Relax and enjoy this fun My Restaurant Event! ~ Preston & MR Dev Team