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My Restaurant

May 19, 2023

Jungle Update!


A new Explorer Customer is here…

The new Explorer Customer has arrived! 

Just an explorer customer seeking a warm meal and sharing captivating tales of their travels.

Keep an eye out for this adventurer as they traverse your restaurant. 


A new Jungle Themed restaurant!

Explore the all-new Jungle restaurant theme

Bring the jungle to your restaurant and have nature thrive within the walls of your restaurant oasis!


A new Jungle Table and Chair!

Introducing the adventurous Jungle Table and Chair!

Embark on a wild expedition with our Jungle Table and Chair. Let your customers dine surrounded by jungle greenery!

These new items will attract the Explorer Customer to your restaurant!


A new Ruin Table and Chair!

Introducing the adventurous Ruin Table and Chair!

Transport yourself to a forgotten world with the Ruin Table and Chair!

These items offer a dining experience steeped in both history and mystery!

These new items will attract the Explorer Customer to your restaurant!


All new Terrarium!

~insert nature documentary voice~ 

Watch in awe as the world of flora and fauna comes alive within the explorer's realm. 

Delight their adventurous spirit as they bask in the mesmerizing beauty of the extraordinary terrarium!

This item increases the chance that the Explorer customer pays 3x, up to 50% chance!


The Ancient Ruins!

Adventure is summoning you…

Discover what awaits with the all new Ancient Ruins!

Increase the chances that an Explorer customer will visit your restaurant by displaying the Ancient Ruins!



- General bug fixes
- Trading Security
- Gamepasses bug
- Map Changes

More exciting updates are on the way for My Restaurant! Happy exploring! ~ Preston & MR Dev Team