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July 15, 2023

Hypertech Update!


Exclusive Hypertech Crate!

Zoom zoom… 

Introducing the all new Exclusive Hypertech Crate! 

Purchase the Hypertech Crate from the exclusives tab for a chance to win all new Cyber items. 

Items include the new lightning tile, energy drink machine, and so much more! 

Limited time only!


Hyper Tip Jar!

It’s super hyper, don't ask how it floats either because we don’t know. 

With the new Hyper Tip Jar your customers are sure to make your customers leave a futuristic tip! 

ONLY available in the new exclusive Hypertech Crate!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 005417.png

Hyper Ice Cream Machine!

People in the future still eat ice cream right? 

Serve your customers a delicious treat for dessert with the new Hyper Ice Cream Machine! 

For futuristic ice cream, your customers are sure to pay a big price! 

ONLY available in the new exclusive Hypertech Crate!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 105203.png

Hyper Order Stand!

Nothing like some confusing technology, at least it looks cool! 

Introducing the all new Hyper Order Stand!

With this item your customers have a chance to have their food served on a hyper plate, and for that they will pay 4x! 

ONLY available in the new exclusive Hypertech Crate!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 005436.png

Lightning Tiles!

I am the fastest person alive… 

Or at least your customers will feel like they are with the new Lightning Tile

This tile has an all new ability, it increases customer eat time

When placed under a customer it increases their eating speed by 25%! 

ONLY available in the new exclusive Hypertech Crate!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 105138.png

Energy Drink Machine

Serving customers all day every day can get exhausting, and sometimes coffee just doesn't cut it. 

Introducing the all new Energy Drink Machine

With this machine your workers will drink an energy drink before their shift making them 4x faster! 

ONLY available in the new exclusive Hypertech Crate!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 005356.png

 Layout Saver!

The long awaited Layout Saver is finally in My Restaurant! 

Save your favorite floor plans on each floor to easily swap between them! 

To use this new feature click on the Floors tab in the bottom bar! 

From there just stand on the floor with the layout you want to save and then it's as easy as clicking the new layout button! 

Then press the equip button on any floor to equip that floor plan! 

The possibilities are endless!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 005856.png

Restaurant Mastery!

Every successful restaurant needs their owner to be involved in the operations. 

Introducing the new Mastery system! 

With this new system you will complete mini quests yourself, either cooking, cleaning, or serving customers, and receive permanent restaurant boosts from completing the tasks! 

To start, open the Manage tab and navigate to Stats, below your character icon you will find the new Mastery quests! 

Happy cooking!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 005824.png

Login Streaks!

Building any good restaurant takes time and commitment. 

Well now you can be rewarded for all your hard work with the new Login Streaks

Click on your stats page to see your current login streak and then click on the login streak to get rewards for logging on for multiple days in a row!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 005824.png

Restaurant Teleporter!

Tired of walking around the map to get to your friends' restaurants, daily quests, or back to your own restaurant? 

Well look no further than the new teleporter in My Restaurant! 

Now it has never been easier to jump between players' restaurants within your current server, to daily quests, or back to your own restaurant! 

Just open the Teleport tab to get started!

Screenshot 2023-07-15 005939.png


- General bug fixes
- New customers per hour and cash per hour stats
- Prestige tab moved to the manage tab
- Goals and completed goals moved to the manage tab
- UI Adjustments


Hope you all enjoy this huge My Restaurant update! Happy Cooking! ~ Preston & MR Dev Team