👨‍🍳✨ My Restaurant!

December 22, 2023

Holiday Update!


The Snowman Quest!

Are you up for a quest? 

Visit the Snowman in the middle of the map to receive a Holiday Quest

The rewards are sure to put you into the holiday spirit!


Present Drops!

Its a bird… Its a plane… ITS SANTA!!! 

Throughout the update Santa will appear and drop presents from the sky and place presents under the tree in the center of the map. 

Collect present drops for awesome rewards!


The Giant Candy Cane!

This seems like a good place to hang your Santa hat… 

The Giant Candy Cane gives a chance for customers to spawn in with a Santa hat on! 

Santa Hat customers pay 15x. 

Available for a limited time through the Snowman Quest.


Holiday Crate!

Nothing like a crate filled with presents to start the Holiday festivities.

 Introducing the new exclusive Holiday Crate

Purchase the Holiday Crate for your chance at limited time only items! 

As always, serve customers to receive your three free crates! 

The Holiday Exclusive Crate is the final crate in My Restaurant, on January 15th Exclusive crates will be removed!

Players who have unopened crates will still be able to access and open those crates after the Holiday Crate is removed!


The Snow Globe!

Who doesn’t like snow globes? 

Customers will stop to admire your Snow Globe and offer a generous tip! 

This item is available ONLY in the exclusive Holiday Crate!


Golden Christmas Tree!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

The new Golden Christmas Tree will be sure to bring holiday cheer to your restaurant.

 Customers sitting near this item will pay 4x! 

This item is available ONLY in the exclusive Holiday Crate!


Candy Cane Table and Chair!

I wonder if these are edible… 

Check out the new Candy Cane Set

When placed together this set has a 100% chance to spawn the Snowman Customer! Snowman customer pays 175x a normal customer! 

This item is available ONLY in the exclusive Holiday Crate!


Gingerbread Wishing Well!

Introducing the delicious Gingerbread Wishing Well, unfortunately you cannot eat it... 

However you can approach this wishing well once a day to receive premium rewards! 

This item is available ONLY in the exclusive Holiday Crate


New Winter Map!

A festive map for a festive holiday update! 

Explore this winter wonderland for a limited time!



- UI Bug Fixes

Happy Holidays from all of us at BIG Games! ~ Preston & MR Dev Team