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July 01, 2023

4th of July Update!


The 4th of July Quest!

Greetings chef! Care to embark on a patriotic quest? 

Complete the all new 4th of July Quest in My Restaurant to earn new themed items, tokens and gems! 

Go find the Uncle Sam Customer in the middle map to start your epic quest!

4th_Button_1024x (2).png

Uncle Sam Customer!

Say hello to the all new Uncle Sam Customer in My Restaurant! 

During the 4th of July event Uncle Sam will randomly spawn into players' restaurants and pay 1776x! 

When the event is over the customer is gone so be sure to log on to serve this limited time customer!


Event Tokens and Rewards!

4th of July festivities need a 4th of July currency.... Introducing the Firework Token! 

Throughout the 4th of July event you can earn Firework Tokens from completing the quests, winning hot dog competitions, and attending fireworks shows! 

Be sure to head over to the Event Rewards page for a chance at cool prizes from boosts and gems to the new exclusive Golden Fireworks Display item!


Hot Dog Eating Competition!

Ready… Set… EAT! Introducing the hot dog eating competition in My Restaurant! 

During the 4th of July Event compete with other players to eat the most hot dogs. 

Once the competition starts hot dogs will randomly fall onto the map, some of them even have cool powers! 

Compete for first place in your server for event tokens and maybe even secure a place on the global hotdog leaderboard for a chance to win free exclusive inverted crates! 

Competitions run once every 2 hours.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 222424 - Copy.png

Fireworks Show!

*insert firework noises here* What is more 4th of July-themed than a Fireworks Show? 

Everyday visit your restaurant to experience the Fireworks Show

Players logged on during Fireworks Shows will receive a free event token each time! 

The Fireworks Show runs once every 2 hours.

Firework_Decroations (7).png

4th of July Balloons!

Nothing like some balloons to decorate your restaurant! 

These all new 4th of July Balloons are sure to make your restaurant festive and exciting during the event. 

Only obtainable through the 4th of July Quest

This item is available for a limited time only!

Screenshot 2023-06-29 221943 - Copy.png

 Firework and Golden Firework Displays!

Everyone loves fireworks right? Well why not have some in your restaurant? 

Introducing the Firework and Golden Firework displays! These items give your regular customers a chance to spawn in with a festive Fourth of July hat, making them pay 8x! 

The Firework display is only obtainable through the 4th of July Quest and the Golden Firework display is available through event rewards or through the shop! 

These items are available for a limited time only!

Screenshot 2023-06-29 222008.png
Screenshot 2023-06-29 222050.png

Melted Popsicle!

Nothing like a nice popsicle to cool you off during a hot summer day. 

Well say hello to the Melted Popsicle Item! Yeah it's partly melted but it's still delicious as ever. 

This item will allow you to attract the Uncle Sam customer after the Fourth of July Event is over. 

Only obtainable through the 4th of July Quest! 

This item is available for a limited time only!
 Screenshot 2023-06-29 222112 - Copy.png


- General bug fixes
- General Optimization and security
- UI enhancements
- Increased trading slots from 9 to 18
- Item design changes
- Decreased Prestige dishwashing difficulty

So much more in store for My Restaurant! Enjoy the 4th of July Event! ~ Preston & MR Dev Team