New Site, End of Pet Simulator, Pet Simulator 2, & Other Stuff!

Updated: Feb 1, 2019


If you're reading this, is live! Hello World!

If you haven't been following my personal twitter (you should) I recently announced I was taking a permanent break from Pet Simulator. The short answer is I lost passion to work on it. With that said, lots of people were confused or angry. I'm not the first to admit I suck at communicating, which is something i'm trying to work on - it's a problem of trying to avoid making false promises while keeping everyone informed with concrete information. That's why this blog post exists; I'm going to attempt at answering as many questions as possible - including information about an upcoming game.


Q: Are you still working on Pet Simulator?

A: After the next patch (Update 15), Pet Simulator will be ceasing updates outside of irregular patches and fixes.

Q: Why are you quitting Pet Simulator?

A: There are too many problems to list. The biggest is the content delivery - it's just not sustainable. Without weekly updates, the game cannot thrive. Because of this, I've lost all passion and motivation to work on this game which directly affects the quality of updates. It's too stressful.

Q: What's the final Pet Simulator update containing?

A: It's mostly an optimization update and collection of bug fixes. Snow will be reverted and Winter Wonderland will be re-accessible via. portal on the moon.

Q: What's happening next?

A: Pet Simulator 2. I want to fix all the problems with the original while maintaining the same core gameplay elements and mechanics and expanding on them. This is going to be a very difficult task and I'll be outsourcing for several things to speed up the development to drastically better the outcome. This will be a crazy game nonetheless and I'm super excited to begin working on it.

Q: Will Pet Simulator 2 be free?

A: Yes.

Q: Will users that bought gamepasses/products in Pet Simulator get something in the sequel?

A: Yes.

Q: Will users that bought the cat plushie get compensation in the sequel?

A: Yes.

Q: Will Pet Simulator 2 be free of P2W micro-transactions?

A: Yes. One of my main goals is to avoid P2W. This will be done by selling completely optional VIP memberships. There will be no paid eggs. There will be no premium pets. There will be 0 gamepasses. There will be no way to buy currency.

Q: When will Pet Simulator 2 come out?

A: Q2 2019.

Q: What is better about Pet Simulator 2 VS. the original?

A: I don't want to ruin any surprises but it's going to be massive. Literally.

Q: Will Pet Simulator 2 be made on Roblox or another platform?

A: Roblox.

Q: Will Pet Simulator 2 come out?

A: 90%.

Q: Will Pet Simulator 2 be compatible with mobile and console?

A: Yes. It will be heavily optimized to play smoothly on both platforms.

Q: Will Pet Simulator 2 have duping?

A: This is very important to me. I've talked to a few major developers and I confidently believe I have a working solution which will be present on launch day.

Q: Will Pet Simulator 2 get weekly updates?

A: There will be no update schedule for Pet Simulator 2. Updates will be shipped whenever they are tested, balanced, and ready. Expect a minimum of 2 a month.

Q: What will happen to Pet Simulator 1?

A: It will remain open and playable.

Q: Why was this site created?

A: Roblox heavily censors any content I post on their site. I also like being completely independent! :)

Q: Will this site get a forum?

A: Most likely not. Discord does this job perfectly, already.

Q: More merchandise? Plushies?

A: Definitely. Not going to say anything else.

Q: Discord links keep going down. Will this be fixed?

A: I can't control this until Discord gives us a custom link. Until then, you can use which will re-direct you to a working discord link.


Hopefully this answers everything. If you have any more questions or complaints, feel free to tweet at me. I'll do my best to respond.