Build and Survive Update 2

Updated: May 29, 2019

Build and Survive update 2 is here! Here's a rundown on all the fixes, changes, and new features:


- Sun Beam upgrade! (Premium)

Ever wanted to harness the power of the sun and unleash deadly beams of energy from the sky? No? Well now you can, I guess.

- Cannon Balls upgrade!

Buckle up, buccaneer! Replace laser beams with old fashioned cannon balls! Cannon balls have a chance to explode, damaging enemies within 15ft!

- Lightning Strike upgrade!

Charge bullets with electricity for a chance to shock other nearby enemies! Batteries not included.

- Stun upgrade!

Pack your bullets with some extra punch and knock enemies unconscious for a small period of time!


- Rouge Bots are more generous with 4 hearts of damage instead of 5!

- Pickups have been heavily optimized! Expect much less lag when lots of pickups are floating around.

- Max level players are now given a warning when attempting to purchase 3x XP.

- Adjusted prices of some upgrades because they were practically steals.

- Rarities on certain upgrades have been adjusted.

- Fire bullets are actually 10% flammable, not 100%. Description was misleading! - Inventory scroll is a bit bigger now.

- Updated to latest BIG framework (stability improvements n' stuff).

- A lot of lag complaints were from players playing with high settings on bad hardware. Players that lag severely are now prompted to turn on Potato quality! Hope this helps.

- Shadow optimizations!

Bug Fixes

- Guns no longer *magically* disappear from players!

- Players are no longer given the entire economy of Singapore for surviving! This straight up crashed servers in some cases. Sorry :)

- Laser beams no longer penetrate earth's core. Lots of people should experience large performance boosts!

- A strange bug caused players to level up past level 100 (the cap). Anyone above level 100 has been brought back down to the cap. Sorry for any confusion!

- Monsters no longer take a millennium to die at the end of the round!

- Rouges make scary C4 beeping sounds again! This should make them stand out.

- Premium upgrades no longer appear under the 'Boosts' shop billboard.

- Tank is no longer sinking into the ground.

- Bullet spread no longer tightens when looking in certain directions.

- Music logic is no longer drunk. (kinda)

- Fixed a bug relating to monster collision that might've caused intense lag on lower end devices.

- Slow servers no longer enter the matrix! Round timer is much more accurate now.

- Level 100 skin unlocks have been fixed!

- Skins will now properly update mid-round!

- Networking bug fixes.