Build and Survive Update 1

Build and Survive update 1 is live! Here's a rundown on all the fixes, changes, and new features:


- Special rounds!

Every 2 rounds will be a special round! Currently, there is chance between spawning all tanks and all rogues. It spices up repetitive gameplay and makes things more exciting. More to come!

- Dual wielding!

Ever wanted to go all akimbo on some zombies? Well now you can -- if you got the robux.

- Level 100 'The Classic' skin!

Nostalgia anyone? This super dope skin transforms your regular laser gun into a pew pew gun!

- Obsidian and Firebrick!

Added two new building materials - obsidian and firebrick! You can probably make pixelart now.

- More XP!

XP amounts have been doubled! That's 6x XP for gamepass users.

- Leaderboard!

Unfortunately not a global leaderboard -- but a server leaderboard! Displays wins and level of everyone in the server. You can now flex on your friends!

- Networking rework!

For the nerds: this is a large internal accomplishment which lets us abuse remotes! Data is compressed to save bandwidth and connections are universal. Pixie dust, apparently.


- Re-balanced block health and level! You can now unlock brick and metal MUCH faster!

- Bullets, lasers, blocks, and coins are now heavily optimized depending on your Quality setting. Potato users rejoice!

- Upgrades are now auto-equipped after purchased from the shop.

- You can now shoot through building blocks! Makes it much easier to shoot with a height advantage.

- Rogue bots now do a lot more block damage. Sorry guys.

- Changed description of Fast Fire cause it confused some people.

- You can now buy building materials permanently with robux! (grinding is for nerds)

- Rogue bots received an AI buff! They will no longer group up and explode eachother.

- Added delete sound when breaking blocks!

- Added interface sound to block selection!

- Optimized tree poly count by over 3/4!

- Sounds being disabled no longer spams output.

- Optimized some networking.

- Updated lighting!

- Gave the shop a lil' makeover!

- Optimized gun models!

Bug Fixes

- Monsters will no longer escape and attack players during the building period! We apologize for any trauma.

- Hitboxes are much more accurate! Lots of complaints on this one.

- You can now interact with the shop billboard when in build mode. Oops!

- Round survival reward is now fixed!

- Monster drops will no longer linger around as tiny little pixels forever.

- Music will no longer randomly stop playing.

- Squashed a rare bug where the intro will break in VIP servers.

- You will no longer die while in the intro! Sorry about that.

- Settings options will now be saved and set correctly!

- Optimized luaheap and threads by over 1/2.

- Attempted to fix very large server GUI memory leak which could of been crashing servers. It's an engine bug and we've reported it in the meantime.

- Block breaking sounds no longer destroy the ears of anyone nearby!

- Remotes no longer spam players in the intro! This should fix a load of issues including audio explosions.

- Equip sounds now play correctly.

- Intro loading bar no longer extends into space!