Build and Survive Update 1

May 12, 2019


Special rounds!

Every 2 rounds will be a special round! Currently, there is chance between spawning all tanks and all rogues. 

It spices up repetitive gameplay and makes things more exciting. More to come!


Dual wielding!

Ever wanted to go all akimbo on some zombies? Well now you can -- if you got the robux.


Level 100 'The Classic' skin!

Nostalgia anyone? This super dope skin transforms your regular laser gun into a pew pew gun!


Obsidian and Firebrick!

Added two new building materials - obsidian and firebrick! You can probably make pixelart now.


More XP!

XP amounts have been doubled! That's 6x XP for gamepass users.



Unfortunately not a global leaderboard -- but a server leaderboard! Displays wins and level of everyone in the server. 

You can now flex on your friends!


Networking rework!

For the nerds: this is a large internal accomplishment which lets us abuse remotes! 

Data is compressed to save bandwidth and connections are universal. Pixie dust, apparently.




- Re-balanced block health and level! You can now unlock brick and metal MUCH faster!

- Bullets, lasers, blocks, and coins are now heavily optimized depending on your Quality setting. Potato users rejoice!

- Upgrades are now auto-equipped after purchased from the shop.

- You can now shoot through building blocks! Makes it much easier to shoot with a height advantage.

- Rogue bots now do a lot more block damage. Sorry guys.

- Changed description of Fast Fire cause it confused some people.

- You can now buy building materials permanently with robux! (grinding is for nerds)

- Rogue bots received an AI buff! They will no longer group up and explode eachother.

- Added delete sound when breaking blocks!

- Added interface sound to block selection!

- Optimized tree poly count by over 3/4!

- Sounds being disabled no longer spams output.

- Optimized some networking.

- Updated lighting!

- Gave the shop a lil' makeover!

- Optimized gun models!


Bug Fixes

- Monsters will no longer escape and attack players during the building period! We apologize for any trauma.

- Hitboxes are much more accurate! Lots of complaints on this one.

- You can now interact with the shop billboard when in build mode. Oops!

- Round survival reward is now fixed!

- Monster drops will no longer linger around as tiny little pixels forever.

- Music will no longer randomly stop playing.

- Squashed a rare bug where the intro will break in VIP servers.

- You will no longer die while in the intro! Sorry about that.

- Settings options will now be saved and set correctly!

- Optimized luaheap and threads by over 1/2.

- Attempted to fix very large server GUI memory leak which could of been crashing servers. It's an engine bug and we've reported it in the meantime.

- Block breaking sounds no longer destroy the ears of anyone nearby!

- Remotes no longer spam players in the intro! This should fix a load of issues including audio explosions.

- Equip sounds now play correctly.

- Intro loading bar no longer extends into space!