BIG Paintball - Update 4

What's new?

Winter Event!

Gather up 5,000 total tags to open an EXCLUSIVE gift for FREE! Wonder what could be in it... Only available for the winter break! Happy holidays!

Winter Pack!

Four exclusive festive guns, only available for the winter break! Buy all of them at a discounted R$4,999 or individually for Credits!


Wrapped SCAR!

"A high quality assault rifle wrapped with holiday spirit!"

Candy Cane Sniper!

"A festive (and edible) sniper rifle! Great for shooting gingerbread."

Snowball Launcher!

"Shoots snowballs instead of paint!"

Santa's Gun!

"Stolen from Santa's workshop. Harness the power of CHRISTMAS!"

What else?

  • The menu was graced with some holiday spirit, including festive music!

  • Completely rewrote the spawning system. It picks the best spawn depending on nearby players and sentries - way more forgiving!

  • Getting shot in the back when a player spawns behind you? We added spawn SFX!

  • Voting time changed to 15 seconds (from 30 seconds, previously)

  • Fixed a bug where players could spawn UNDER the ground in the Castle map

  • Buffed the High Tech Minigun a bit more, again

  • Fixed a critical bug where killstreaks don't reset for challenges giving players a TON of stars

  • Added button sounds and FX to the message interface

  • Balanced credit rewards for leveling up (way less generous, sorry!)

  • Fixed rubberbanding on console and mobile

  • Removed 'Get 2nd place' and 'Get 3rd place' challenges

  • Skeleton gun is now 30% smaller

  • Killfeed not longer intrudes the menu randomly on mobile

  • Fixed a rare bug where the gun display glitches in the killcam

  • Other changes, fixes, and balances

Thanks for playing, happy holidays!