BIG Paintball - Update 3

What's new?


Leveling System!

Earn stars from completing random challenges, level up, and get a TON of FREE Credits! We'll do more with this system in the future, but this is a good starting point.

New Map - Classic!

Inspired from Miked's Paintball.



" The original "

Party Gun!

" Turn your enemies into party animals! "

Dual Dark Matter Pistols!

" !!!z!@z8X/ ZxzX/ %!!X .#? # X**8#?xZZZx "

What else?

  • Drone tech was upgraded - they can now shoot at sentries!

  • Dark Matter Guns start to change colors based on your active killstreak!

  • Hackers are now sent to a hacker playground where they can battle it out with other naughty script kiddies!

  • Better mobile controls

  • Console users can now toggle to sprint! We apologize for all the sore thumbs.

  • High Tech Minigun has received a heavy buff!

  • Changed shop prices of a couple items

  • Speed hack patch

  • Attempted to fix 'Not Yet' bug again :(

  • Lots of bug fixes, and a ton of optimizations

Thanks for playing, have a great weekend!