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BIG Paintball

December 14, 2019

What's new?


Leveling System!

Earn stars from completing random challenges, level up, and get a TON of FREE Credits! We'll do more with this system in the future, but this is a good starting point.



New Map - Classic!

Inspired from Miked's Paintball.




" The original "



Party Gun!

" Turn your enemies into party animals! "


Dual Dark Matter Pistols!

" !!!z!@z8X/ ZxzX/ %!!X .#? # X**8#?xZZZx "


What else?

Drone tech was upgraded - they can now shoot at sentries!

Dark Matter Guns start to change colors based on your active killstreak!

Hackers are now sent to a hacker playground where they can battle it out with other naughty script kiddies!

Better mobile controls

Console users can now toggle to sprint! We apologize for all the sore thumbs.

High Tech Minigun has received a heavy buff!

Changed shop prices of a couple items

Speed hack patch

Attempted to fix 'Not Yet' bug again :(

Lots of bug fixes, and a ton of optimizations


Thanks for playing, have a great weekend!