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December 14, 2019

BIG Paintball - Update 2

Castle map, new guns, and more!



Castle map, for the kings of FFA!




Balloon Gun!

" Send your opponents to the sky with balloons! "




Poop Gun!

" 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 "



Skeleton Gun!

" Spooky scary skeletons 🎵 "



What else?


Complete controller (Xbox) support

Heavily optimized projectiles -- VERY big performance boost on low-end devices and Xbox

Experimental mobile control scheme (we pushed this early to test so it isn't new for some people)

Projectiles should replicate properly now (no more ghost projectiles!)

In an attempt to make them less annoying, turrets now have 25% less health

Killfeed taking up half your screen on mobile? No longer!

Fixed a bug where the killfeed decides to make a surprise visit in the menu

Flamingo gun is now off-sale

Reworked spawns on City map (should play much better now!)

You are no longer skating on ice when playing on console

Console players now get 30%+ credits like mobile

Fixed "Not Yet!" bug hopefully? Maybe?



Thanks for playing and have a great weekend!



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