BIG Paintball - Update 1

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hi there!

First off, I want to introduce myself a bit here. My name is Gavin! BIG Paintball is my primary project at BIG Games so you'll be seeing a lot from me from this post forward. I'm very excited to be apart of this amazing community!

With that being said...

What's new?


Scale buildings and shoot down into the streets on the brand new City FFA map!


" Would look great in a red suit! "


" Found at a UFO crashsite! "

What else?


Good question! There's been some other BIG changes and improvements.

  • Rejoice Console players! Xbox is now a supported platform. We're still planning on improving this a bit more - but it's mostly supported now

  • Anti-Cheat has been improved *very slightly*

  • You now earn credit rewards for rapid kills, tagging a friend, and even tagging admins!

  • Golden Gun now gives you 5 extra credits per kill

  • Attempted to patch the "Not Yet!" deploying bug (You might still encounter this issue but for now just server hop)

  • Third person playermodel optimization

  • Projectile optimization

  • Networking optimization

  • Fixed the Killcam randomly breaking

  • Adjusted shop prices for some items

  • Balanced some items

  • Altered the Silenced Pistol viewmodel

  • Fixed Drones not destroying when you reset

What's next?

  • Improved Xbox Support

  • Mobile Overhaul

  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

  • More content! :D

Thanks for playing and have a great weekend!