🔥 BIG Paintball 2!

November 04, 2023

BIG Paintball 2 - Update 3!



Get the all-new Lovebomb Rifle, Sniper, and Minigun!

Can be yours for 875 robux!

Pink Pack Render.png

"Make love, not war"

Double Credits Weekend

Double Credits weekend has returned from BIG Paintball 1!

Enjoy the credit boost!


Level Up Rewards

Level Up rewards have been adjusted and now occasionally drop items!

Previously, rewards were given during gameplay.

Now, when you level up, you claim your rewards in the menu!


Halloween Event End

The Halloween Event has ended! The Haunted Case (or coffin rather) is no longer for sale.

Don't worry - If you own some, you can still open them!

Hope you stocked up!

Bug Fixes, Quality of Life, Changes

We made a number of changes to make the game better:

- Round time reduced by 2:30

- Nuke lowered from 99 tags to 80

- Added "Replay" map option in map voting

- Mobile & console players need 1 less tag for streaks

- Small Credit bonus to mobile & console players

- Console improvements

- Add" button in inventory

Have a great weekend! ~ Preston & BP2 Dev Team